Simple Ikea Hacks to Save Money and Transform Your Space

The ingenuity of Swedish furniture design, particularly evident in the flat-pack phenomenon, has transformed how we furnish our homes with affordable, practical pieces. Yet, the true potential of IKEA furniture often remains untapped. These versatile pieces offer the perfect canvas for customization and repurposing, allowing you to elevate a simple cabinet or table into a unique, eye-catching addition to your home. Let’s dive into some inventive ways to reimagine IKEA furniture.

Revamp a HEMNES Bookcase Into a Dual-Purpose Bedroom Bench

This ingenious modification caters to those who cherish both their personal space and their pet’s comfort in the bedroom. By flipping an IKEA HEMNES bookcase on its side and upholstering the top, you can create a multifunctional seating bench and dog bed that enhances your bedroom’s functionality and style.


It’s an ideal solution for a quick sit-down while getting ready in the morning or as a distinctive bedroom feature.

Transform the RUDSTA Cabinet Into an Indoor Greenhouse

In an era where indoor plant cultivation is gaining popularity, especially among apartment dwellers with limited space, an IKEA cabinet can become an unexpected greenhouse.


By integrating a UV light into a RUDSTA cabinet, you can create ideal conditions for your plants, adding a touch of greenery and style to your living space.

Convert a Standard IVAR Cabinet Into a Concealed Desk

The rise of remote work has led many to seek space-saving furniture solutions. An IKEA IVAR cabinet can be cleverly modified into a hidden desk.


This space-efficient hack allows you to conceal your workspace behind cabinet doors, maintaining a clutter-free and versatile living area.

Innovative Use of Wall Brackets for Shelving with Integrated Bookends

A creative twist on IKEA wall brackets can yield convenient shelving with built-in bookends.


By simply installing the brackets upside down, you gain a dual-function solution that not only supports your shelves but also keeps your books neatly in place.

Repurpose Cabinet Doors for Elegant Wall Paneling

Enhancing your bedroom with a touch of luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Using IKEA cabinet doors as wall paneling can add an element of sophistication to your sleeping quarters.


This affordable hack can transform the ambiance of your bedroom, creating a cozy, upscale retreat.

Craft a Large Mirror from Smaller Tiles for Cost-Effective Elegance

Mirrors can be costly, but you can create a large, stylish mirror by assembling multiple smaller mirror tiles from IKEA.


This approach not only saves money but also results in a unique, visually appealing piece that can be a focal point in any room.

Upcycle the TARVA Dresser Into a Unique Statement Piece

The beauty of IKEA’s raw, untreated furniture, like the TARVA dresser, lies in its potential for personalization.


With some creativity, you can transform this basic piece into a high-end-looking dresser using materials like woven fabric, black paint, and elegant gold handles.

Construct a Vertical Garden/Propagation Station with a Pegboard

For plant enthusiasts with limited space, an IKEA pegboard can be repurposed into a quirky vertical garden or propagation station. The Skådis pegboard, typically used for organizing office supplies, can be an innovative way to display and nurture smaller plants, making it an ideal solution for urban green thumbs.


These creative hacks not only demonstrate the versatility of IKEA furniture but also inspire you to look at everyday items with a fresh perspective, unlocking their potential to enhance your living space in both function and style.

IKEA’s versatile cabinets can be more than just storage solutions. In a stroke of creativity, one cat owner transformed their BESTÅ cabinet into a cozy, private restroom for their feline friend. By cutting an entryway into the cabinet and placing a litter tray inside, this simple hack provides a discreet and stylish solution for your cat’s needs.

Repurpose a Bathroom Vanity as a Chic Floating Cabinet

Breaking the mold of conventional furniture shopping, one innovative individual ventured into the bathroom section of IKEA to find the perfect bedroom dresser.


They cleverly used two GODMORGON sink cabinets, topped with plywood, to create an elegant, floating dresser, showcasing how thinking outside the box can lead to stylish and functional home décor.

Innovative Use of Toilet Roll Holders for Under-Desk Storage

IKEA customers are known for their creativity, as evidenced by the transformation of a simple toilet roll holder into an ingenious under-desk storage solution.


This clever hack repurposes a mundane item into a practical, space-saving accessory that’s both cost-effective and unobtrusive.

Integrate Plants and Tables for a Harmonious Living Space

Plant enthusiasts can now seamlessly blend their greenery with their furniture.


By modifying an end table with a keyhole-shaped cutout, you can elegantly conceal plant pots beneath, merging functionality with aesthetics and keeping your living space clutter-free.

Create a Window Desk with a Bed Tray

For those working from home, a change of scenery can be refreshing. By adapting an IKEA bed tray with hanging strips and plate holders, one ingenious person crafted a height-adjustable window desk.


This simple yet effective setup allows for a workspace with a view, enhancing productivity and well-being.

Combine BILLY and HEMNES Bookcases for a Custom Shelving Unit

A DIY enthusiast mixed and matched BILLY and HEMNES bookcases to create a large, customized shelving unit, proving that stylish and spacious bookcases don’t have to be expensive.


This creative arrangement accommodates books, DVDs, and cherished items, tailored to personal preferences and spatial requirements.

Personalize an IKEA Mirror with Wallpaper Accents

Transforming a plain IKEA mirror into a decorative piece is as simple as adding wallpaper to its frame.

This approach allows for customization to match your home’s decor, turning a basic mirror into a statement piece that’s both functional and stylish.

Transform the KVISTBRO Table into a Chic Pet Bed

Cats, known for their particular tastes, often snub traditional pet beds. The KVISTBRO storage table from IKEA offers a unique alternative.

With a little DIY work to create an entrance and the addition of a cozy cushion, this table becomes an attractive, space-saving bed for your feline companion.

Brighten Children’s Storage with Googly Eyes on DRONA Boxes

Adding a touch of whimsy to your child’s storage is as easy as attaching googly eyes to IKEA’s DRONA boxes. This fun and simple hack not only adds character to the storage solution but also makes tidying up more enjoyable for kids, infusing a playful element into the functionality of everyday items.

Maximizing your home space while incorporating greenery is a challenge many face, but one clever solution involves using a FINTORP rail from IKEA. By suspending plants from this rail, you can free up precious floor space for essential furniture. This smart use of vertical space keeps your plants thriving without cluttering your living area.

Transform a DUKTIG Doll Bed into an Adorable Pet Haven

Pet owners often go above and beyond for their furry friends, but pampering them needn’t break the bank. An IKEA hack that’s both affordable and cute is repurposing the DUKTIG doll bed for pets.

Surprisingly, this doll-sized bed makes a cozy and stylish sleeping spot for small cats, adding a charming touch to your pet care routine.

Assemble the Perfect Home Office Using Various IKEA Items

Creating a functional and stylish home office is achievable with IKEA’s range of furniture. One innovative homeowner showcased how combining various IKEA items, like under-desk storage drawers, wall storage boxes, and office chairs, can result in a sleek and cost-effective workspace.

This approach allows for a personalized office setup without a hefty price tag.

Create a Custom Cabinet with Two LACK Side Tables

Sometimes, two inexpensive pieces can combine to form something extraordinary. A creative individual used two LACK side tables from IKEA to build a custom cabinet, perfect for housing a 3D printer.

By adding a door, hinges, and handles, they created a unique storage solution that can be adapted for various needs, be it for books, clothes, or tech gadgets.

Organize Tools in an Apartment with TROFAST Storage Units

For apartment dwellers short on space, organizing tools can be a hassle. An ingenious solution involves using TROFAST storage units, stacked in a spare cabinet, to create a compact, efficient toolshed.

Labeling each box enhances organization and accessibility, proving that even in small spaces, tidy tool storage is possible.

Mix and Match for an Eclectic Decor Style

The limitation of buying individual flat-pack furniture items can be an opportunity for creative expression. By selecting pieces separately, you can mix and match to create a home environment that reflects your unique style.

For example, pairing a rustic sink with a metal vanity instead of the standard matching unit can add an eclectic, personalized touch to your bathroom.

Harmonize Your Furniture Heights with Added Legs

For those who appreciate symmetry and organization, adjusting furniture heights can be crucial. In one office setup, the disparity in height between different storage units was cleverly resolved by adding legs to the shorter unit.

This simple modification brought harmony and balance to the workspace, demonstrating how a small tweak can make a big difference in achieving a cohesive look.

Incorporate IKEA carpet into your workspace for a feline-friendly addition. Cats are known for their love of cozy nooks, often shunning their own beds for more unconventional spots. To keep his cat close while gaming, one clever owner integrated a piece of IKEA carpet into his desk, creating a snug spot for his cat right in his work area. This innovative solution not only keeps the cat comfortable but also smartly utilizes the desk space.

Artistically Customize an IKEA Cabinet

IKEA’s practical, plain furniture serves as a blank canvas for those looking to personalize their home decor. If you’re feeling creative, why not transform a standard IKEA cabinet into a work of art?

One person took this opportunity to hand-paint a beautiful ‘Starry Night’-inspired scene on their cabinet, proving that with some paint and imagination, you can turn basic furniture into a stunning masterpiece.

Design a Bespoke Home Office with IKEA Finds

Transforming an empty room into a stylish home office is entirely possible with IKEA’s furniture range. One couple demonstrated this by selecting various IKEA items to assemble their dream workspace.

From matching desks to ample storage options, they created a functional and inviting office environment, proving that a custom-made look can be achieved on a budget.

Elevate a BILLY Bookcase into a Bibliophile’s Sanctuary

For book lovers, the dream of a grand, ladder-equipped bookshelf is within reach, thanks to IKEA’s BILLY bookcases.

By creatively arranging various sizes of these bookcases, you can design a personalized library space that caters to your collection, complete with a charming ladder for easy access to higher shelves.

Craft a Dedicated Space for Your Hobbies

Dedicating a space for hobbies like crafting can significantly enhance your enjoyment and productivity. One DIY enthusiast utilized IKEA furniture to set up a tailor-made crafting area.

Combining a desk, shelves, and storage solutions, they created a functional and inspiring craft den, perfect for pursuing creative projects.

Create a Custom-Look Built-In Bookshelf with BILLY Bookcases

An innovative individual took IKEA’s BILLY bookcases to the next level by constructing a built-in bookshelf.

Using the bookcases as a foundation, they added plywood and lighting to create an elegant, integrated look. This hack shows how standard bookcases can be transformed into a striking, custom-built feature.

Convert a Closet into a Compact Office Space

For those lacking a separate office room, transforming an unused closet into a workspace can be a game-changer.

By outfitting a closet with a desk, shelving, and essential office accessories, you can create a private, efficient work area that doesn’t encroach on your living space.

Optimize Your Laundry Room with Strategic Storage

Enhance the functionality of your laundry room with clever storage solutions.

Using an IKEA cabinet as a smart organizational tool can provide much-needed space for laundry essentials and even cat litter, making the most of the often-overlooked laundry area.

Create a Stunning Entertainment Center with HAVSTA Cabinets

Building an impressive entertainment center is achievable with IKEA’s HAVSTA cabinets. One homeowner crafted a sophisticated media and book storage wall by creatively arranging these cabinets.

This approach resulted in a sleek, built-in look that adds both function and style to the living space.

Craft a Fun, Functional Play Bed for Kids with IKEA Furniture

Parents can create a dream play bed for their children using IKEA’s versatile furniture.

Combining a KURA bed with additional structures like a TROFAST storage unit modified into a staircase, you can design an exciting, safe play area that’s sure to delight any child.

Refresh Your Kitchen by Updating Cabinet Doors

Revamping your kitchen doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor.

By replacing the doors of your existing cabinets with new ones from IKEA, you can give your kitchen a fresh, updated look without the expense of a full remodel.

Maximize Limited Space with a Vertical Indoor Greenhouse

Turn an IKEA FABRIKOR cabinet into a space-saving vertical indoor greenhouse.

Perfect for plant lovers in small apartments, this hack allows you to cultivate a variety of plants in a compact area, enhanced with a UV lamp for optimal growth.

Assemble an Impressive Entertainment Wall with BESTA Cabinets

Create your dream entertainment wall on a budget using IKEA’s BESTA cabinets.

This DIY project demonstrates how arranging these versatile cabinets can result in a sophisticated and functional media center, perfect for gaming, movie nights, or binge-watching your favorite shows.

Utilize Empty Boxes as Temporary Furniture During a Move

Moving can be costly, but IKEA’s packaging can come to the rescue.

Ingeniously using empty IKEA boxes as makeshift furniture, one resourceful individual crafted temporary chairs, showcasing the versatility and strength of these simple materials.

Repurpose IKEA Bags into Durable Backpacks

For eco-conscious DIY enthusiasts, transforming IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow bags into sturdy backpacks offers a sustainable

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