How to repurpose a torn curtain to create a DIY bag

My Daughter, The Artist My eldest daughter is an artist! Whenever she sees me sorting through my clothes, tablecloths, sheets, and curtains, you can be sure that the old items I thought I had thrown away magically end up in her room! Behind closed doors, with scissors in hand and a pencil between her teeth, she’s always imagining new accessories to craft in secret. Be it a small pouch, a bread bag, or clothes for her dolls, her creativity knows no bounds. And she’s right!

A Consumer Society & The Call for Change

Our over-consumptive society constantly prompts us to change, in every field! Driven by social media, we use and then discard. But fortunately, the trend is reversing, and the second-hand market is growing.

Our planet is suffering, and each small daily act can protect it, raise our awareness, and influence those around us. So, what do you do?

DIY Trend & Mending Torn Fabric

You’ve probably heard of DIY bags. Making something new out of something old, handcrafted by oneself – sounds fun, right? If you wish to delve deeper into this topic, we recommend the book “Couture, maison durable” written by an expert and enthusiast, Sarah Despoisse.

Start by sorting out your closets. Select items that are too damaged or torn but you still want to keep.

Don’t Throw Away: Clothing Donations

Some clothes or household linens might not be to your liking anymore but could benefit other families. If they’re in good condition, consider donating them to charitable organizations.

Where to Donate Clothes?

The French Red Cross has been supporting millions of people worldwide for over 150 years. Also, check out local neighborhood associations who have a good understanding of families in need.

Textile Containers

We all have a spot at home where we store fabric remnants. But they often take up a lot of space. So why keep everything? Discover our tips for giving torn curtains, worn-out shirts, and faded tablecloths a second life.

Reusing Fabric Scraps

Another fun activity to do with our children is trying to make the younger generation aware of fast fashion. This industry is one of the most polluting in the world. A study published by the research editor Frontiers highlights the significant global CO2 emissions resulting from the textile industry.

Generation Z, always in search of style, is the target consumer of this trend, encouraged by social media. Fortunately, a new generation of designers is rethinking fashion to avoid waste. Even haute couture is recycling to save the planet. Now, it’s possible to have your own eco-friendly and organic style!

DIY: Create Your Bag in 10 Minutes
Here’s what you’ll need to start your DIY project:

  1. Fabric scraps: curtains, jeans, t-shirts.
  2. A ruler and a pencil.
  3. Sewing scissors.
  4. Some safety pins.
  5. A needle and sewing thread (for beginners).
  6. A sewing machine (for more advanced crafters).

Step 1: Sketch out the intact parts of the curtain in 3 formats: the main bag part and the 2 handles. Do the same for the lining and then cut them out. The size depends on the bag you wish to create.

Step 2: Next, focus on the handle strips. Fold them neatly with an iron and sew. This will make them thicker. You can combine with jeans fabric to make your bag unique. In this case, ironing isn’t necessary.

Step 3: Place the handles on each side of the bag lining. For the next steps, we recommend following the linked tutorial.

If you’re a visual learner, like me, here’s a video on how to make a simple bag.

Upcycling Your Torn Curtain into a Stylish Bag

And there you have it! Who would’ve thought you could craft something stylish from a torn curtain? Loving the new recycled bag! For a more advanced version, add a zipper and mix fabrics and textures. You can also craft a bag using an old t-shirt.

Repurposing Vintage Embroidered Sheets

What can you do with old embroidered sheets? Turning them into towels or dishcloths is the simplest solution, but the possibilities are endless! Consider making a bread bag, bulk bag, patchwork placemat, pillowcase, a new tablecloth for chic picnics, or even an apron.

Treasure those old sheets! If you’re fortunate enough to have vintage embroidered sheets from a bygone era, don’t part with them easily. Embroidery is a meticulous and valuable art form that tells a story.

Fashioning a Summer Scarf

Why not craft a beautiful scarf for the summer? What’s trendy today might become fashionable tomorrow. Worn around your neck or in your hair, it adds a bohemian flair to your outfit. Just hem the fabric’s edges to prevent fraying. For the extra creative, add fringes or pom-poms.

Eco-Responsibility and Creativity

The takeaway is clear: nothing goes to waste, not even your old torn stockings! You’ll never run out of ideas for your children’s holiday activities. Being eco-responsible is achievable for everyone, and even high-fashion designers are taking note.

So, take a peek in your wardrobe and let your creativity flow!

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