7 ways to recycle bras

Recycling Bras: A Practical Guide

Ladies, let’s be honest! We all have a drawer full of old bras that we keep out of affection or simply because we don’t find the time to sort them out. If you’re planning a wardrobe clean-out soon, don’t discard them just yet! We’ve put together a handy guide to show you how to creatively and cleverly recycle them into unique items. So, are you ready to become the recycling queens? Grab your pretty bras, and let’s embark on this adventure!

To avoid waste and protect our beloved planet, it would be wiser to give a second life to our old bras rather than throwing them in the trash, don’t you think? It’s an eco-friendly practice that can make a big difference. Can we all agree on this?

How to Recycle Your Bras:

Transforming into a Handbag Whether your underwear is old or still in good condition, recycling it into a handbag is a brilliant idea! No sewing expertise is required, and anyone can give it a try.

Materials Needed:

  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: ribbons, beads, buttons for a personal touch


First, cut out the cups of your bra around the underwire (make sure not to cut the fabric around, it might tear).

Use hot glue to fix the cups together. Be cautious with the amount to prevent overflow.

If you don’t like the appearance of the bottom of your new handbag, cover it with ribbons or beads for decoration.

Next, attach the straps to your bag. If your bra doesn’t have long enough straps, extend them using thread or ribbon.

Optionally, add decorations to the outside of your bag (buttons and beads are pretty girly options: you can sew them or use hot glue).

For closure, attach a button on one side and an elastic on the other.

And there you have it, a handy little bag for your accessories or money!

Bird Feeder Debra Baldwin, a gardening enthusiast, shared a clever tip in a video on her YouTube channel: making a bird feeder from a bra. Imagine the creativity level!


  • Hang your bra using two S-hooks or clips and suspend it from trees or a fence.
  • Fill the cups with bird seeds.

Sure, your neighbors might think you’re a bit quirky, but at least you’re saving the item from the landfill and, in turn, saving our planet!

Check out Debra’s video for a visual guide on this DIY project:

DIY Bra Recycling Ideas

1. Transform into Bracelet or Necklace

Materials Needed:

A bra


Hot glue

Needle and thread

Buttons and beads (optional)


Cut a strap from your bra.

Use the needle and thread to wrap the end of the strap through the small piece on top and sew the end.

Use glue to attach a button, bead, or charm of your choice.

You can now wear your bra strap as an adjustable bracelet or even as a necklace.

2. Create a Lace Top


Lay your bra flat.

Using hot glue, attach lace flowers all over the bra.

Pair it with a shirt or a denim jacket, and you’ve got a beautiful summer top!

3. Pet Toy Ball for Your Dog or Cat


Sew 4 bra cups together to form a ball.

Stuff them to give them shape.

Your pet will be thrilled with their new toy, and the environment will thank you.

4. Provide Extra Support to Backless Dresses and Tops


Cut away all unnecessary parts of your bra, retaining only the cups.

Use pins to position them inside your dress or top.

Secure them with hot glue (use sparingly).

Enjoy wearing your backless dress with confidence, without the concern of visible straps.

5. Enhance Shoe Comfort

Tip: If your heels are too big or causing discomfort, remove the padding from your bra and simply slide them into your shoes. These soft pads provide excellent cushioning, preventing your feet from rubbing or sliding inside. Say goodbye to foot pain!

For a visual guide on these DIY hacks, check out the video mentioned:

How Often Should You Change Your Bra?

Bra Care: A Wardrobe Essential Bras are a staple in our wardrobe. However, did you know, dear readers, that they require special attention? Being in constant contact with our skin, they are exposed to sweat, body lotion residues, and various perfume scents. Therefore, it’s crucial to change them every 3 to 4 days to prevent bacterial growth and unwanted odors.
Caring for Your Lingerie Taking good care of your lingerie ensures you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day. If you no longer wear certain bras, consider recycling them. Such small gestures can make a significant positive impact on our planet!

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